Hope Australia Soccer Academy (HASA) is a unique not-for-profit program conducted by Brazilian ex-professional soccer players in Melbourne, Australia. It involves developing soccer skills and life skills through a mentoring approach.
The program is aimed at providing young people aged 7 to 18 with the disciplines and pathways that will help them be successful in life. Ultimately our goal is to see individuals, families and communities better connected and thriving both socially and economically through holistic support, free from intolerance and discrimination, and able to respond to emerging needs and challenges.
  • 6th Feb 2023

    First term is scheduled to start

  • 24th Apr 2023

    Second term is scheduled to start

  • 10th July 2023

    Third term is scheduled to start

  • 2nd Oct 2023

    Fourth term is scheduled to start

Special Services

Soccer coaching training by Brazilian coaches

Support for Education and Mentoring

Social Worker / Chaplaincy services to support student and family

Special programs by visiting soccer stars from Brazil


Lamartine da Silva

Joaquim Santos Silva

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Nick Hatzoglou
Jason Wood
Amanda Stapledon

Nick Hatzoglou

Head of Community Projects, Football Victoria

HASA is a great program, I believe the first of its kind where it takes a holistic view, so it’s not only about improving their soccer skills but allowing people to flourish and be their best.

Jason Wood

Federal MP for LaTrobe

I am glad to be associated with the HASA project which will encourage the impartation of hope, respect, honour, kindness, discipline and resilience through a mentoring program provided by the soccer coaches and other trained and accredited chaplains, youth workers and psychologists.

Amanda Stapledon

Former Mayor for the City of Casey

We recognise the valuable contribution that HASA and the Tour of Hope makes to our community. The City of Casey is home to 140 different cultures, each of which bring unique elements to our collective identity. Through the common language of soccer we can bring communities together.


Guinness World Record Holders!

What HUGE boxes HASA has ticked off! HASA students found themselves in media coverage by SBS Portuguese, SBS The World Game online, ABC TV’s The World / ABC News 24, Berwick Star, Cranbourne Star News and Berwick-Pakenham Gazette. There’s also a good chance they appeared on Channel 9’s live crosses during the Today show and…

Minaret students are “loving the program”

We think the smiles say it all. Students at Minaret College in Officer are enjoying the Brazilian style of soccer training provided by HASA. It’s also a BIG plus when training includes visits by some of Brazil’s top soccer stars! The excitement was captured in the Pakenham Gazette on 23 October, ahead of the Tour…

Soccer Opens Up New Worlds: Coach Joaquim’s Story

“I’m often asked about my life and how I got into soccer. It is a dream of almost all Brazilian children to become professional soccer players. I was born into a large family of six siblings. My father often brought us, his three sons to the stadium on Sunday evenings to support the local team,…

HASA gets behind a family that doesn’t give up

HASA is pleased to lend Story Art a hand in helping young Joshua Thomas access life changing treatment for his health. Joshua’s story resonates with HASA in reaching personal goals in spite of the odds. It demonstrates a spirit of resilience and support within community. An initiative of Story Art, a charity event last weekend…

Coach Lamartine’s Soccer Story

“Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world with millions of people playing and watching everywhere. It’s interesting how it easily connects people and cultures, gathering them together, people with different backgrounds, lifestyles and religions.  For Brazilians, soccer is more than just a sporting activity, it is a passion! It is a way of living!…

We’re excited. Are you excited?

We’ve been trying to count down quietly. But it’s difficult when our Brazilian coaches start arriving, the mayor holds a welcome reception, and other things start falling into place. Pretty soon we’ll be smelling the soccer pitch and handing out team vests.   These coaches are no ordinary coaches. They’ve played professionally with prominent soccer…